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Do I need state recognition to put that I started a nonprofit on my college apps, or as long as it's not for profit?

Do I need state recognition to put that I started a nonprofit on my college apps, or is it as long as I created an organization that is not for profit?

I am making a business on instagram that gives 100% of the money to animals, but I am not recognized by the state to be a nonprofit.

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2 years ago

You can say you have an Instagram page to raise money for animals, even a successful one, but calling it a non-profit is probably a stretch and might be considered misleading. Either make your operation an official non-profit or don't call it that (from a college perspective).

I think being a non-profit requires facilities, employees, a complex operation, many legal requirements, and so on. Unless you really have the time and resoures to figure all of that out, it would be better to say you led a fundraising initiative through Instagram for the animals. Good luck!

(Note: I'm not a lawyer. If you want to make this non-profit thing really happen, you might want to consider hiring one to help you through it)


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