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Ap/ib/honor classes

I live in Europe and here the school system is different.My school doesn‘t offer any ib/ab or honor classes.What should I do?

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4 months ago

Most, if not all, colleges here in the U.S will take into account the context. That basically means if your school doesn't offer any ap or ib they don't expect you to take any. Just focus on taking the most rigorous classes your school offers and doing well in them. If your school doesn't send a school profile that tells the college that they do not offer any ap or ib then you can ask your counselor to include that information or just write it in the additional information section.

P.S. If you're really worried about it then you can take ap courses online and study for the exam by yourself. One website you can use is modernstates.org which is free but doesn't offer all AP courses. I'm not sure about ib though.


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