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Made a mistake with GPA? Will colleges understand?

I am not trying to flex or anything. It is just that this has been bothering me forever.

First of all, all unweighted classes bring down weighted GPA and class rank which I didn't know.

The minimum amount of unweighted classes for graduation is 5. My peers made sure they only took 5 and no more than that, the rest weighted classes. I didn't know and took 7 (I will not be taking another unweighted class again) Because of this, my weighted GPA is lower. My unweighted GPA is a 4.0. But, I did take honors classes in all the core classes (I just finished 10th grade). Before I finish highschool I plan to take 8 extra classes that are all weighted (through the summer and virtual courses). This won't help my weighted GPA as much, but would this make up for the 7 unweighted classes that I did?

Some of my EC's:

-Hosted a worldwide event, featured on social media, noticed for my work by another organization and offered a role of Cheif of Operations to partner with them.

-Youth and Governmnet, bill passed house and senate, appointed role, CONA

-2 leadership roles in 2 different clubs next year

-Published Research and Created social media content for an organization

-6-week A selective policy making summer program.

-1 year term in county council, 8th grade vice president

-Suggested policy ideas to a state candidate, phonebanked for a political campaign, signed petitions

-Plan to serve a 2 year-term at local youth advisory board next year

-Theatre (3 years)

-Wrote letters for residents

-had a weekly call with disabled seniors to help combat isolation

-English Tutor

-200+ hours of service, plan to join honor societies next year


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2 years ago

I think that you should explain your circumstances in the Additional Info section of your applications. Colleges review applications on a holistic basis, meaning that they care about the context behind your class choices and the other parts of your profile. You can write a simple, matter-of-fact statement in the Additional Info section to explain why you took those unweighted classes. Taking extra classes is a good idea because it will show that you are not only reflecting on your mistake, but actively trying to solve it.

Your EC list looks good, but I am not sure how it relates to your question. Feel free to let me know, and hope this helps!

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