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Made a mistake with GPA? Will colleges understand?

I am not trying to flex or anything. It is just that this has been bothering me forever.

First of all, all unweighted classes bring down weighted GPA and class rank which I didn't know.

The minimum amount of unweighted classes for graduation is 5. My peers made sure they only took 5 and no more than that, the rest weighted classes. I didn't know and took 7 (I will not be taking another unweighted class again) Because of this, my weighted GPA is lower. My unweighted GPA is a 4.0. But, I did take honors classes in all the core classes (I just finished 10th grade). Before I finish highschool I plan to take 8 extra classes that are all weighted (through the summer and virtual courses). This won't help my weighted GPA as much, but would this make up for the 7 unweighted classes that I did?

Some of my EC's:

-Hosted a worldwide event, featured on social media, noticed for my work by another organization and offered a role of Cheif of Operations to partner with them.

-Youth and Governmnet, bill passed house and senate, appointed role, CONA

-2 leadership roles in 2 different clubs next year

-Published Research and Created social media content for an organization

-6-week A selective policy making summer program.

-1 year term in county council, 8th grade vice president

-Suggested policy ideas to a state candidate, phonebanked for a political campaign, signed petitions

-Plan to serve a 2 year-term at local youth advisory board next year

-Theatre (3 years)

-Wrote letters for residents

-had a weekly call with disabled seniors to help combat isolation

-English Tutor

-200+ hours of service, plan to join honor societies next year


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7 months ago

Colleges want students to take balanced classes. They are not looking at how many are unweighted vs weighted classes classes but more like if you are taking rigor courses available to you like AP/IB/honors etc.

All fine arts/athletics are unweighted if everyone is looking to take AP/honors only then means no one is taking these which is not what colleges want. They want to see that you have pursued your passion on other areas other than just academics as well. If school offers 25+ AP’s and you have taken at least 8+ then that still shows rigor. If you are able to handle more AP’s in junior year like 4 or 5 go ahead and take it and still main A’s in them then this will be helpful. Build up your EC’s as well along with it and you will be fine.


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