3 years ago
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Does this count as an extracurricular worth noting?

Hey everyone. So basically, I play cricket outside of school for my club team - we play against many teams across Texas in this league and recently, I have gone to many tournaments in places such as Atlantla & Dallas and have played against many teams nationwide. I have been doing this since I was 12 (I'm a rising now, so 14) and have earned some accolades, like 5th best bowler at a tournament in Atlanta. I am now the captain for my U16 club team and have earned a couple man of the match awards playing for my adults league team.

My question is - does this count as a good tier EC? Like is it going to help me or is there virtually no effect of it on my app? I will continue the sport either way - but just wondering. Thanks a lot in advance!


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3 years ago

Hi, thank you for asking your question!

This is awesome! I remember playing cricket with my family growing up -- it was definitely one of the highlights of my childhood. Playing sports is a terrific activity to include on your EC list and you are definitely doing this at a high level which is super impressive. If you want more clarity on how this extracurricular will lay in terms of impressiveness, I recommend that you input your profile into the CollegeVine account and include ECs. When including ECs, you can add the specific activity type and then see the tiering for each type of activity. Likely this is a tier 2 activity -- similar to playing on a varsity team. If you become a national advocate for cricket and continue playing at a national level, this may become a tier 1 activity.

Keep up the great work!

3 years ago

Yes! Extracurricular are just like their name signifies--activities you're involved in outside of school. And actually, in my opinion, this is a great EC to list for a couple of reasons: you've stuck with it for a while, you've found success with it above and beyond an average individual, and you've taken on a leadership position within your activity. That's the archetype of a good extracurricular. List it!

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