4 months ago
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Should I prepare my application after August 1?

I don't want to worry about anything that's not related to high school senior schoolwork. I feel it's better to be fully focused at school to do my best. I recently was notified by Common App Solution Center that I should wait until August 1 to fill my application because some of my answers will get deleted. After all, the new application launches at the beginning of August 1, accounts get refreshed and recommender invites and recommendations are not maintained during the rollover of August 1.

Thus, it's wise to start filling my Common App application in August and not doing anything until that date?

Planning to enroll in college in 2022 for class 2026.

3 months ago

Seconded the suggestions to start working on your personal statement now to get a head start and then filling out as much as you can when the application opens on August 1st.

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4 months ago

Hi! So the Common App application does not open until August 1st so you can not fill an application to a certain school yet. What you can fill out now is the basic information such as your birthday and etc since that would go to all the school. You can spend time working on the personal statement essay (which is what I am doing) since the Common App prompts have already been released. I hope this helps!

4 months ago

YES. You have all the resources to start early, do it. That way, by the time applications open up, you will already be done

4 months ago

There are other things you can start such as personal statement and so on. You have to prepare and be ready to fill in those applications in August so it is better to get all of your essays out of your way.


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