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Brown's Open Curriculum

Hi! I'm wondering what the open curriculum means exactly...I know it means there's no core curriculum. So students can take whatever they want before declaring majors?

What about different schools/colleges in Brown? Are there any restrictions? Like if I'm a first year student majoring in Econ (which belongs to the Brown college) when I am admitted, can I take computer science or bio engineering courses with students admitted into the engineering school?


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4 months ago

Yes, you can take whatever you want outside your concentration! Each concentration has its own requirements, which you can find on their websites (Computer Science students need to have taken so many Computer Science courses, etc) . You need to have fulfilled the requirements for at least one concentration to graduate (though you can do more), but so long as you have a concentration for your diploma, you can fill the rest of your transcript however you want.

Other aspects of the Open Curriculum include an optional pass/fail grading system, and failed courses won't show up on your transcript. As for other colleges within Brown, they don't represent a noticeable boundary for students choosing classes. All undergraduate courses are listed in the same place (https://cab.brown.edu/), and you should be eligible to take any course offered to undergraduates.


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