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Diversity in Boston College

Hi! I know that Boston College has a reputation for being a preppy white school, but as an Indian, I would like to know how diverse it really is. Are people not welcoming of other races? Are there communities of minorities? Will I feel out of place? It's not like I need to be surrounded by a bunch of Indians, in fact, that's the last thing I want, but will I feel at home?


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BC has a diversity index of 0.52 on the US New World Report rankings which puts in line with the University of Southern Mississppi, Univ. of South Alabama, and Oklahoma City Univ, also Wichita State and the College of William and Mary. So it's not diverse by say Ivy or Elite standards. Roughly 60% BC student are White, 10% Hispanic, 10% Asian, 10% Intl something, and the rest Multiracial. Will you feel at home? I doubt it unless attending a Jesuit Catholic college is something you always wanted to do and have lots of White Catholic friends already and completely understand the culture, vibe and expectations. If you were Catholic, that would be a huge boost but as a non-Catholic, I would thing the social scene would be challenging. Remember sports are huge and there are no frats and sororities so all these kids love to party and have their own private get togethers, tailgates, road trips, beach trips to the Cape etc., so if you are not on the inside, you are on the outside. I feel empathy for unsuspecting applicants who might be queerfolk as well, the Catholic church may never get there but we can hope. I would stay away from Jesuit schools or Catholic colleges if you are looking for Diveristy, Equity and Inclusion. There are better choices if you are looking for variety and opportunity.

Its' a great school nevertheless but not all great schools are good fits.

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