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My country doesn't offer AP/Honor classes, and I haven't taken any college courses. Can I still get into a dream school?


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@ethannelson174 months ago [edited]

Most schools view your application holistically, so I wouldn’t be too worried if the options weren’t offered. I’d make sure to let them know in the “Additional Info” section of your application, but admissions officers want to see that you applied yourself with the resources available to you.

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Thank you!

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4 months ago

Yep, as @ethannelson17 mentioned most colleges will look at your application holistically. If certain classes or resources aren't available to you then it won't be held against you for admissions. Make sure you take the most challenging classes available to you, do well in them, and work on your extracurriculars and it's entirely possible to be accepted without APs or Honors.


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