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Possible (Extracurricular) Opportunities For High School Students


As an incoming Sophomore in high school, I am definitely curious about extracurricular opportunities available to me throughout the United States. Given that I am curious on this topic, I'm sure others are too.

No matter if you are in college or even a freshman, are you aware of any extracurricular opportunities available to high school students? If so, feel free to share! This is just a discussion post that, I am hoping, will help students like me who are starting to venture into the college application process.

Thank you so much!

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7 months ago

Hey, there are a lot of ways to get extracurricular opportunities in high school. Try joining a few local school clubs that host competitions or organizations such as BPA and participate in events from them. Additionally, you can volunteer locally in your community and remotely with organizations such as NECEF where you can tutor students online. And although it is hard, if you earn an internship in your field of interest, it can make you stand out a lot. Or you can try showing your leadership by starting your own club or becoming an officer in other clubs.


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I might put one as well: The Scholastic Art & Writing competition (available in the United States!) :)


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