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Should I put a school trip I took to Europe to study sustainability on my application under extracurriculars?


I am currently a junior, and I've really been worried about the strength of my extracurriculars. I've been in Beta Club and National Honor Society since sophomore year, but I've never held a leadership position. I've participated in Chick-fil-a Leader Academy since this year. I also was one of the first students to participate in my school's student news program. I participated in a journalism club from freshman year to sophomore year, and I submitted a few articles for a local online publication. There are some other organizations I'm apart of, but I haven't held a leadership position yet. My sophomore year I visited Europe with my environmental science class, and I believe it was a beneficial experience. I was wondering if that would be appropriate to put on my college application in the extracurriculars section.


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that definitely works as an extracurricular! especially if it's something you're interested in studying in the future.

i also think your extracurriculars are a bit stronger than you might think—it sounds like you've participated in a lot of different things and shouldn't have any trouble filling up your activities list. you don't have to have a concrete leadership position to demonstrate leadership; people sometimes will lead some kind of initiative or design some kind of event for a club, which shows a tangible ability to organize people even without a named leadership position.

Thank you for your advice! It's reassuring to know that my current extracurriculars are adequate, and I'm planning on pursuing leadership titles my senior year.
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yes! that's also a great essay topic!

Thank you!