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ADHD and Ivy League admissions


When I was in Freshman and Sophomore year, my grades slipped because of my undiagnosed severe ADHD. This was solved in Junior year with medication and therapy. I am now going to end senior year with a 4.0 weighted gpa. Will Ivy League schools take my situation into account or should I just not apply?

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7 months ago

Welcome aboard! and YES!!! you absolutely apply!

1) Follow your dream. If you don't try, you don't get accepted.

2) There is a place to explain issues like these in the applications, and the fact that you pulled it all together so amazingly well will make you look bright and shiny to colleges.

3) Find other schools that may not be Ivies but that you still feel drawn to (perhaps feel even more drawn to, apart from their not-Ivyness) and apply to them as well. Remember the bell curve of applications - approximately 25% safety, 50% target, 25% reach.

4) Make sure you buff your ECs.

5) You got this covered!


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