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Supplemental Letters of Recommendation from Congressman


I have been closely interning for my local congressman for 2 years now. Due to covid and online learning, my junior and senior year teachers haven't gotten much time to get to know me. I understand that most colleges warn against having supplementary recommendation letters however I do believe that my congressman would be able to provide the best insight into my work ethic, my personality, or other things. Should I go ahead with this or not?


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6 months ago

So I can't tell if this is a US House congressman or a state legislator. I can't answer definitely but about the over abundance of rec letters as long as you don't go overboard with school based having a community based LoR is a good idea. HOWEVER the reason a congressman doesn't make a lot of sense as a recommended is from what I know not a lot of interns work for the congressman just the office. I hope that makes as such ask your direct supervisor which I think would be the chief of staff. If you work intern at Microsoft you'd ask your supervisor, not Bill Gates. Hope this helps.


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