3 months ago
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Can we get into college with D?

I got mostly D and E in my exams can I enter college?

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3 months ago

1) You posted the question in the wrong community. Questions like this should be posted in the "Admission Advice" community.

2) You will get into colleges but don't aim for highly selective colleges because you won't even cross the academic threshold of those colleges. Keep your list realistic. Use the CollegeVine Chancing Tool.

3 months ago

You can get into a community college with D's since they don't look at previous course grades. However, you are unlikely to get into any other sort of college since they have an admissions process with certain requirements in order to go to the college (ex. must have completed four years of English). If most of your grades are not passing, then you don't meet those requirements and may not be eligible to apply.


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