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Can I get my QAS test scores (SAT) if I tested in April?

Hello! I'm going into my senior year and I've registered to retake the SAT (I got a 1340 in April). I want to purchase my previous test booklet but am unsure if I would receive the QAS (question-answer service). That is the one I would want, which provides the test questions and answers (SAS does not). There is a table of months on the CollegeBoard website that denotes if you will receive the SAS or QAS. April is not on that table, but my school tested in April. Is there a way to find which one I will receive, because I don't believe SAS is useful.

Also, it says I registered for SAT (without essay), but there was no option to retake with the essay. Is that simply how it's done?

thank you!


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5 months ago

Hi there! This is a great question -- navigating the different services offered by the CollegeBoard can be confusing.

Regarding QAS vs. SAS for an April test date: it seems as though the CollegeBoard did not offer an April administration of the SAT in 2021; tests were administered on March 13 and May 8, so I am unsure what testing date your school was using. Regardless, you can get individualized information by calling the CollegeBoard customer service at 866-756-7346. You will need to be ready to verify your CollegeBoard account before they can help you with these details, but they should be able to answer your QAS question easily since they will have all your information on file.

In answer to your question about the essay portion: the CollegeBoard has discontinued the essay section of the SAT; the June 2021 administration was the last test to have the option to write the essay. Therefore, any retake in the future will not have the essay available.

I hope this helps and that you are able to get the information you need from the CollegeBoard. Best of luck!


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