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Because of covid my grades 11-12 teachers never met me and dont know who i am properly (they cant know anyone properly through online classes) Can i get my letters written from my grade 10 teachers who actually taught me in class , also i prefer this because im more comfortable to them than my new teachers i didnt ever meet out of screen .


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3 months ago

Of course, that is a great idea and something I recommend to anyone reading this. If your Zoom class teachers do not know you other than on an online basis, it will be harder for them to positively advocate for you. Therefore it's a safer bet to pick someone that you had a great relationship in person.

If its a 9th/10th-grade teacher, you might want to reach out to them first in an email and tell them why their recommendation would be appreciated and jog their memory about a time/experience/project/topic that you remember them doing very well in class. And ask them if they remember you.

Good Luck


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