3 months ago
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What documents do you need to complete your CSS profile as an international student?

I want to apply for financial aid and almost all colleges need me to complete the CSS profile for that.

I know the CSS Profile will be open for fall 2022 applicants on October but I just wanted to collect the documents early so that I don't have to rush later on (I plan on submitting EA for every college on my list and they all have deadlines on either Nov 1 or Nov 15).

The information I found online was very confusing.


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3 months ago

Hey @unior! The CSS profile requires students to submit several documents, including W-2s, tax returns, any income statements, assets, bank information, and untaxed benefits. Given the extensive amount of information required, we've put together a livestream with a CSS walkthrough explaining step by step how to complete the it and what information is required! I hope it helps!



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