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Can you still get into a good school with a great application but average test scores?

such as psat/sat/act

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Accepted Answer
• 6 months ago

PSAT isn’t considered in college admissions besides National Merit programs.

Also a lot of schools are becoming test optional. UChicago is a top ranked school and is test optional pre Covid.

But also so many schools are great and don’t require 4.0 perfect GPA 36 ACT etc. But prestigious schools usally want a 1300 SAT 30 ACT on the lower end but not all schools require test scores.

Also KSt is a good school and doesn’t require high ACTs scores merely a 20? ACT so good schools doesn’t mean selective.

• 6 months ago

I think most admissions officers say that the personal essay, extracurriculars, and supplemental essays carry much of the decision. Your grades only show whether you will be able to thrive in the academic culture of that school. If you successfully show your personality, I think you can be admitted to any college, including the most prestigious ones.


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