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I'm planning on starting a blog. Any suggestions about the contents, websites that I should use? Thx!

Hello, I'm currently a freshman turning sophomore and I'm planning on starting a blog. Could you please give some suggestions in terms of the content, website that I should use, etc.? Thanks a lot!


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i've used wordpress for my blog for the last few years and i like it a lot. wordpress's basic version is free, and there's plenty of theming and customization you can do with that without having to pay for anything. it's also easier to set up since there are templates you can use and the engine itself is really made for blogging—i'm not sure how easy wix or google sites are to set up if you're not experienced with building a website.

as for content, what are you interested in? pick something that you have a passion for and is going to be able to hold your attention, since ideally for a blog you work on it consistently over time. that'll be different for everyone.

• 2 years ago

I just started one and a really underrated site to use is google sites. Its free and very customizable though perhaps not as much as six or Wordpress though those cost money.

My blog is just an E-Journal of my week and another tab as Im an amateur writer. However google sites is not a website to use if you want to make money off blogging as I needed to type the URL for my blog not just keywords for it to appear on the next page.

To my knowledge, Wix and Wordpress don't have that problem and I don't care about it.


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