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¿Academic Distinctions?

Hi, my name is Alexia, I'm an international student (Peru), applying to a college in the USA. I've been asked to list my academic distinctions or honors; however, since I come from a small school, I've never participated in any competitions, apart from a spelling bee in kindergarten (which I lost). Would this hinder my chances of getting in? There is also a list of extracurriculars (which I do have).

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Just ask the question 1 time not 3 times. It would be more courteous to the other users of the Q & A.

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4 months ago

Hi Alexia! This is actually a really good question, at least you've realized that you're behind before its too late. Of course, in technical terms you may not actually be too far behind....

Sometimes excellent grades, compelling essays, and meaningful hobbies/extracurriculars can really open up your admissions chances. I would recommend trying the CollegeVine chancing calculator as well as speaking to a local counselor. Even if your school doesn't have a counselor, you can speak to people online.

Good luck, and you've got this!! :)


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