3 years ago
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Optional SAT/ACT

Many schools have declared SAT/ACT requirement to be optional for admissions for 2022 batch , would it be good to apply without submitting .

Also the country I live in was greatly affected by covid earlier this year with several thousands of people dying everyday .

Even our family was infected and took us like a month to recover and now there is just one SAT date before ED applications start , and my family doesn't want me to risk and go out for taking the test , so will applying without submitting the scores hurt my chances (to universities which have declared test optional for this year)?

Thank you.


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3 years ago

Well first of all I think due to Covid, the stress on Test scores is a bit light-weighted, but it does I guess help in some perspectives. For example, another candidate that might have a similar profile to yours will get a bit of an advantage if he/she submits their test scores. But, otherwise, it might also not affect that much. I prefer that you take the test if possible and if the results are not up to your expectations, then apply test-optional.

3 years ago

It will hurt your chances but not a lot.

If your family doesn't feel comfortable in sending you to the exam centre, then I wouldn't recommend you to give the exam.

Although colleges claim that SAT is test optional; it has been historically proven that those who submit SAT have a higher chance of getting into a college than those who don't (considering you atleast fall in their 50% SAT range).

So, if you and your family feels it's safe to give the test- give it.

If you or your family feels uncomfortable about going to the exam centre- Don't give it. Your health is far more important than an optional part of your college application.

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