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Are there any scholarship programs similar to Girls Who Code or Kode With Klossy?

Hi! Are there any scholarship programs similar to Girls Who Code or Kode With Klossy? My passion--and hopefully major--is Computer Science. What are some programs (application-based) that will help me get into a college focused on this? I'm mainly looking for programs for people of age 13-16 :)

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4 months ago

I had typed out a long answer to this and I guess it didn't get saved when I posted...bummer. Check out this list: https://learntocodewith.me/posts/13-places-women-learn-code/. Not all of those programs are necessarily aimed at the age group you're looking for but that should give you a good starting point - plenty offer free programs. New York TechScholars is another program but it might be too late in the summer to start that. Also check out Alice. While it's not a class or girl specific it's a program designed by Carnegie Mellon and completely free. They have tons of resources on their site too to learn coding (http://www.alice.org/resources/).

If you're having trouble finding other girl coding programs I'd recommend looking into co-ed programs too. While I completely understand wanting a girl focused program you'll still learn the same code either way. I did find some co-ed programs that were majority girl participants so if you're interested in those let me know - I think there were a couple a saw.


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