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sophomore year: what am i supposed to be doing?

I'm about to begin my sophomore year this fall, and I have no idea what I should be doing, extra-curricular wise and like how to stand out. Im taking IB in 11 grade and Im currently part of my school's basketball team and thats about it. I know I really have to step up my game extra curricular wise but Im really lost! Im really good at bio and chem, I may wanna major in neuroscience in college, I also have taken a few certified online courses, and im really good at writing.

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4 years ago

You may want to consider joining some clubs. Pick clubs that interest you and make sure to pave the way to a future leadership position. Maybe consider a chemistry club or HOSA? If you are good at writing, consider doing some essay contests. If you plan on majoring in neuroscience, consider job shadowing or doing research.

4 years ago

To build off of fishergys point a chem or HOSA is good but in my school there is a nueroscience club so if your school has that and try to build towards AP science classes related to nuero (so not geology) and eventually IB classes on science. If you like writing consider the yearbook/school newspaper. I would disregard shadowing until late junior or senior year. Also as a debator Id heavily recommend it it as it helps with communication and if you become a neurologist/doctor/almost all other jobs you need effective communication and that builds on what you already have. And waiting is a great compliment to debate as you often write a speech/outline for debate.

Also for writing consider blogging I use google sites its easy to use and its free and that's pure writing.

My school is a top 5 in a midwest state and is a top 100 city.

Hope this helps and best of luck!

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