5 months ago
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Is AP Chemistry "required" for admission into top engineering programs (UCLA, USC, Cornell)?


We recently got advised that AP Chemistry in addition to other STEM APs is strongly recommended.

What if student is taking/taken other STEM APs (bio, physics, calculus, research) and non-STEM APs? Given this, is AP Chemistry a strongly recommended or nice to have?

Thanks you!

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5 months ago

Hi @digitalparent

So regarding your question about AP Chemistry. Based on what I know about UCLA I can say take AP Chemistry as I can tell from personal experiences and advice that those going into a STEM field need all the experience they can get and like some of my friends who plan to go through with the same Engineering path they took all STEM classes so that when they get to college they are well rounded in many subjects that they can use that knowledge to pursue their goals. Hope this helps Good Luck!!!

5 months ago

If you are going into stem field then these top schools will want to see student is taking all AP science courses if the school is offering. Lot of kids going into stem do take all AP science/math classes.


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