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ED or EA

Hi! UChicago is my dream school. I am just confused about when I should apply. Which is better among ED1, ED2, and EA?


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6 months ago

Hi, thank you for asking your question! ED1 and ED2 are very similar to each other and just differ by the application time. ED1 will usually take place in November, while ED2 will be between December and January. Statistically, those who apply ED can increase their chance of admissions by 20-25% because they are applying within a smaller applicant pool and the school knows that if they accept the student, they will attend, increasing their enrollment yield. Choosing ED is a tough decision because it will legally bind you to attend the school should you obtain admissions. Given that I would really think about the financial and social aspects of attending UChicago before you apply ED.

Applying EA is a little bit different because it is non-binding and will give you an admissions boost of about 10-15%. This may look like a great thing, but if you are not already in the low-reach to high target range to the school, ED (>30%-<35%) or EA (>35% - <55% chance of admissions), will not create much of an admissions chance increase.

Read more on this blog page before making your decision to apply ED, especially since UChicago is your dream school:




Hope this helps!

6 months ago

If you think that UChicago is definitely your top-choice school, I think that Early Decision 1 or 2 (binding-you will have to go if accepted) is best for you.


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