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Dual Credit Classes

What are the main dual credit classes I should be taking in high school?


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3 months ago

I assume you want to take dual enrollment so that you can lower your college costs and/or increase rigor in your schedule. Don't take too many dual enrollment classes though. Try to exhaust your high school's highest level of curriculum before taking college classes.

Here are some rules that you should follow regarding dual enrollment:

1. Do NOT take any college classes that you can take in your high school (ex. don't take an introductory biology course if you can take AP Biology at your HS)

2. Take classes that interest you or help you learn more about what you are interested in. Please note that the classes you take do NOT need to be related to your major, if you already know what it will be.

Disclaimer: You will likely need to re-take classes that are related to your major when you enroll in college full-time. Here's an example: If you take AP Microeconomics/AP Macroeconomics or an introductory economics course for dual-enrollment, you will likely need to re-take these courses when you enroll in college full-time if you choose to major in economics. These types of policies vary from college to college so you would have to do your own research into how this works at the colleges you are interested in.

When you choose to take a dual enrollment course, it should be interesting and in a subject matter not offered at your school and/or should be at a higher level than your HS offers (ex. you could do multivariable calculus course if your school only goes up to AP Calculus BC)

Hope this helps!

3 months ago

The purpose of dual credit is to cut down costs. Dual credit isn't like AP where taking them shows rigor (all though all dual credit classes at my school are either Honors or AP). Keep in mind universities usually have a limit of possible transfer credits so it is pointless to take 10+ dual credit classes in most cases. Some schools don't accept them at all and will only accept AP credit so I would look at the policies of the schools on your list. My point with is that you shouldn't take a class purely because it is dual credit.

To answer your question 90% of the time you will be required to take some type of public speaking class, more English classes, and at least one more math class as prerequisites. I would try to take dual credit classes in those subjects as they might allow you to skip some of the prerequisites.


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