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What are my chances of getting into UCs?

I live in the Philippines but I am studying in an online high school in the United States. I am currently a sophomore, but I will be graduating early since I went on a leave from school last year due to health reasons.

Stats-wise, I do not have that great of a GPA due to one C before my leave. I was not in the best state, and it really brought my grades down. I currently have a 3.76 UW and I will have taken 3 APs and 6 honor classes by the time I apply to colleges. I took the SAT once in my freshman year as a practice test and scored a 1350. However, I will be taking the ACT in July as my scores in the practice tests were at least a 32.

In terms of extracurriculars, I would say that I am a bit above average. I competed in 2 international math contests and received bronze and silver medals. During my (first) sophomore year, I joined math trainings every weekend and qualified to nationals. After that, I was qualified to join the summer Olympiad training for one month. I founded the first Gavel Club, under Toastmasters International, in my city and served as President for two terms. I was President in another organization that I have joined since I was 10 years old and raised around 100,000 Philippine pesos for our charity works. I tutored math in my online school for one semester. I've been playing the piano for 11 years, and I started figure skating this year. I am a member of the medical club in our school, and I plan to take up a leadership role in my last year. Lastly, I have a YouTube channel and Instagram account for studying tips, notes, and bullet journal.

UCLA and UCB would definitely be a long reach for me, but what are my chances of getting into the other UCs?

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