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Hi! I am an international student who NEEDS aid. My GPA is 98+ out of 100. I plan to apply as an English major. Please tell me if my ECs are competitive enough.

1. A local small publishing house published my book of poems.

2.I am translating a play from French to Bengali, and it will get published in a well-known little magazine.

3. I translate for TWB.

4.I proof for Gutenberg, and now I am in proofing round 2, will be in round 3 by November hopefully.

5. Family responsibility - not a job

6. 5 years Painting diploma -completed 4 years

Also, I take a lot of extra classes on Edx and Khan Academy. How I can let the AOs know about this? Do I add them to my ECs?


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3 months ago

You can write in the "additional extracurriculars" session for the classes on the common app. Also, your extracurriculars are good, (possibly great) but international applications are extremely intense for the US... only the best students get accepted because colleges will naturally take in-country applicants more than international. I suggest you look at some international colleges as well in case you are rejected. Oh, and also, financial aid will be a factor in international applications. Unless you are an amazing student, financial aid will

be a roadblock in your way of getting in a top school.


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