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I want to study in the States.

Hey guys!

I'm a Ugandan kid. And I'm kind of figuring everything out on my own. No school counsellors. No experienced friends. Nothing. We don't even have a crummy GPA scale. We do everything in terms of averages. I do well in school but I just really want to help my friends and I know what we need to cut it in more developed educational countries. The states for me. Any ideas?

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3 months ago

Good on you for trying to learn not only for yourself but also to help your friends. Since you didn't ask a specific question I'll try to write out the basics to the best of my ability.

1. It is okay if your school doesn't have AP, honors classes, or a GPA. Colleges understand that different countries schools don't run the way western ones do.

2. Universities have different requirements for international students, most will require an English proficiency test if it is not the primary language of you school.

3. Fee waivers are usually offered for the applications themselves or other things like standardized tests so you don't need to worry to much about money.

4. Write a list of schools you think are interesting that offer lots of majors in areas of study you like. You said you do well so do you want to aim for an Ivy school, state school, etc. How selective would you like the school to be?

a. Narrow the search down by location. Do you want to go to the California or Texas where it is hot or Washington where it is rainy and has cold Winters and hot Summers?

b. How big do you want the school to be? small where learning is more personal or a big university where they offer more programs like sports and Greek life.

c. Extras you would like that isn't a deal breaker, does it offer study abroad or cool clubs?

d. Do the schools offer lots of financial aid and scholarships?

5. Extra curriculars? Schools like to see what your interests are outside of what school requires. Are you in an art club? Do you play a instrument? Do you volunteer, have a job, or family responsibilities?


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