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How to say you've sold an art piece for $5000+ on Common App?

The collegevine tiered extracurricular thing said that tier A for art-related activities is getting your artwork sold for $5000+. I've actually done that, and was wondering where I should put it on my resume/Common App, and how should I explain/write about it?

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3 months ago

You should do the following:

1. Write it in your extracurricular section. In the description, make sure you quantify (say you sold pieces for large amounts of money) as this will not leave any doubt in the admission's officer mind that you are very talented. The description section on the Common App is very short (150 characters) so you might want to squeeze info about your art style, number of pieces you have made, range of prices you have sold your art for. Here is an example description: Neoclassical artist, 250+ pieces, sold for up to 5k/piece

2. Include it in your honors/awards section. If you have received awards for your art (not money), you can include them in this section. If not, don't worry. It is still very impressive if it is just in your extracurricular section.

3. If you feel like you want to talk about art (ex. struggles you have had to reach your level, how art has shaped your personality, etc.), you can write an essay including this particular event. You don't have to write about art in your essays but just something to consider.


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