4 months ago
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How do colleges track demonstrated interests?

I know some colleges consider demonstrated interests, but how do they know that this student has demonstrated interest in their college? Do they know if you emailed questions, attended virtual info sessions, and followed them on social media? How do they check it?

@ima_mervin4 months ago

So, I don't know if I am entirely answering your question; but when covid hit and there was a huge change in almost everything I had the same question. My counselor said that we need to demonstrate interest too and she said that our college applications are reviewed by our school assigned admission counselor. So I started emailing my assigned admission counselor and got on to their mailing list and stuff. I don't think they really check if you follow them on social media though.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@a_334 months ago

I am already on their mailing list because I filled out the info to get emails, and my school don't really have a counselor and you just have to do everything yourself in my school. So what you are saying is colleges check demonstrated interests through their mailing list?

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4 months ago

i don’t think being on the general mailing list would be significant to admissions. most colleges offer a viewbook of some sort that you can request. also, yeah, colleges are run by real people. if you call or email for information or questions, they’ll take note.


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