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Does ED boost your chance a lot?

I’m going to be apply ED to Villanova and have not been able to get a specific stat of whether or not the chances dramatically increase. Also if you do not need financial aid are you more likely to get into a school than someone that does?


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4 months ago

1) Go and find the Common Data Set (a recent one) of Villanova. There, you will be able to find the number of applicants who file for ED and the number of people who get in through ED. Just do the simple math and you'll be able to see their ED acceptance rate.

I checked it out for you this time-

Villanova has a 58% acceptance rate for ED applicants. Its overall acceptance rate is around 30%. So basically, if you do not consider other metrics and go solely with the math- you double your chances of getting admitted to Villanova. That being said, do realize that ED applicant pool might consist of stronger applicants so there are other factors at play too. I hope this answers your question.

2) If the college is need blind- They won't see how much aid you need. Your acceptance chances won't be affected by the aid you want.

If the college is need aware- Your financial need will affect your application. Unfortunately, your chances of getting admitted gets low if you apply for financial aid (in a need-aware college).

The college website will contain the info of whether it is need blind or need aware so you should check that out.

All the very best!

4 months ago[edited]

To answer your 1st question, applying ED to Villanova is very advantageous versus say applying to Georgetown Early which is statistically negligible.

For the Class of 2025 Villanova's acceptance rates were the following. The previous poster's acceptance rates are not current.

Villanova (ED) 1,201 52% 620 Admitted

Villanova (EA) 15,689 20% 3138 Admitted

Villanova (RD) 7,509 31% 2342 Admitted

TOTAL Applied 24,399, Admitted 25% Overall

Therefore, ED has a 2.5 X boost over applying EA and a 68% boost over applying RD. The Common Data Set is not that useful for determining the statistical benefits because for Villanova the data is incomplete. While Paragraph C21 shows the ED applicants and admits for the 2020-2021 cycle, Para. C21 only states that they have an EA program with no data provided. Therefore, it's best to research other sources that might have this data including the college itself. If you look at the previous CDS for Villanova the C22. data is consistently missing as well.

To answer your 2nd question, if you do not check off the question "Will you be applying for Financial Aid" with "Yes", but "No" on your Common App or Coalition App, all admissions officers reading your application file will know that you are not applying for financial aid regardless of whether they are need-blind or need-aware. This will immediately treat your application differently because it is well known that if your family has the ability to pay for your college tuition room and board you are not a burden whatsoever on the college you are applying to. The benefit this will provide you and your family will depend on the competitiveness of the college you are applying to. At a school like Harvard, Yale, Columbia, or Stanford, it may not mean very much at all because a.) they have tens of billions of dollars in their endowment, b.) they all are trying to expand their DEI commitment to admit more low income and marginalized applicants. But at a private Roman Catholic school like Villanova (ND, BC, Georgetown), their endowment is less than some private boarding schools so it will make a difference.

Hope that helps and makes sense to you.

4 months ago

Yep, basically what @unior said. The acceptance rates are higher when you apply ED but the applicant pool is also typically much stronger which is why we see more acceptances. If you're already a competitive applicant at Villanova then applying ED makes sense. If you're slightly above-average, middle-of-the-pack, or lower than you're unlikely to see any benefits applying ED. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do it because you never know, but it will be more difficult for you is all.

And yes, if you DON'T need financial aid in any form that will be a benefit to you. How much of a boost it will give your application is tough to say and probably depends on the college but your chances aren't going to be hurt if you don't need aid.


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