5 months ago
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Would it be possible for someone to host a live session about supplemental essays please?

A few colleges' are revealing their supplemental essay prompts for the class of 2022 and I would really appreciate if someone should maybe provide some tips and how to do about answering these questions. I'm not really talking about the ones that are like "Why ?" or "What skills do you possess..." or "What can you contribute to our campus?" I'm talking about more of the ones where they ask you thought-provoking questions, like "How will people remember our society in 500 years?" or "Dog and Cat. Coffee and Tea. Great Gatsby and Catcher in the Rye. Everyone knows there are two types of people in the world. What are they?" Please help - thanks!!


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5 months ago

Hey @bhakti4321! I am actually hosting an Instagram Live about supplemental essays on CollegeVine's Instagram page on Tuesday, July 13th at 6PM EST. I will make sure to touch on those sorts of thought-provoking questions. We'll also keep this idea in mind for future livestreams on our website.

Hope that helps and hope to see you at the IG live!

5 months ago

College Vine is very good at hosting live streams for the supplementals at all the Top colleges. But you are a bit early in asking since they usually do this in late October or Early November, around the time of the SCREA or ED deadlines, not in the summer.

You can find a bunch of them on their youtube channel and that might be very helpful to you in the meantime even if the prompts have changed, the strategy and messaging don't.





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