6 months ago
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Any advice on preparing for the SAT?

I took the SAT in March as a baseline test and did really well on the Math section but not so great on reading, I’m taking it again in August. If anyone have any tips and tricks for the test, as well as studying they are greatly appreciated. I’m hoping to score above a 1400 as my GPA is not as strong.

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6 months ago

I suggest that you should schedule a study plan! like 3-4 hours a day (just an example) for the first month and more hours a day for the last few weeks. schedule your practice tests and set strict timers!

trick: maths: apply the answers to the questions if u cannot figure out the answer for more than 2 minutes.

reading: I think it's really important and useful to come back to the main idea even if one question seems like a digression. dont doubt your instincts! and work on the vocab!!!! (I learned this through hardships lol)


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