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How To Improve My Extracurricular Resume

I just took my CollegeVine "Calculate Your Chances". My GPA is "excellent", my coursework is "strong", but my extracurricular section could "use some improvement", excluding my lack of recommendations. I wrote down two musical instruments, one community service, literature/writing, and three sports (tennis, swimming, karate). Everything is at the lowest tier except literature/writing (Tier D) and the community service (second-lowest tier).

What can I do to improve my extracurricular resume? I'm hoping to get into UC Berkeley, Stanford, or Harvard, with a medical focus.

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Hey! I am no expert by any means but I have spent a lot of time learning from what professional college counselors have said as well as students who have gotten accepted into crazy competitive schools. Of course, I have also been reading articles and watching videos from sites like college vine. I have taken all that I have learned and found a good balance between what all "college apps experts" are saying. My advice is to take an activity you have done that you are most passionate about and develop it into something greater, like a passion project. Of course, the ideal time to do this would be junior year but even if you are a senior you may still have time to do this. Just based on what you just put (and again I don't know you as a person or what the specific activities you have done entailed) I would take 2 of your interests and combine them. If you are really into community service then you could practically take any hobby and combine it with a service element. Just remember, do things out of pure passion, that will convert into college apps success. Don't choose your activity based on what you think colleges will like to see. If this extracurricular turns into something awesome that you really enjoyed, I would make sure to talk about it in your application in depth (maybe put it on the top of your activities list, reference it in your personal statement, or discuss it in your supplemental). Now, if you are a rising sophomore, and you don't know what you are most passionate about, then you have time! I would take this year to explore your interests. Try new things and you will eventually find something that brings you most joy and fulfillment! Overall, the most important thing is to do something you love and take it as far as you can! If that means auditioning for regionals/all-state, starting a creative writing club at your school, starting a non-profit, or anything else that excites you, then go for it! You got this!

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