3 months ago
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liberal arts major at Duke

how are liberal arts majors at Duke? (like sociology, religious studies, and other humanities)


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3 months ago

Duke is a strong school in general and their humanities/social science majors are no exception. If you're able to be accepted into Duke I don't think you'll be upset by the quality of the classes for these majors. If there's specific ones you're curious about I would recommend checking out the individual site on the Duke website to learn more about them. Use resources like ratemyprofessor, reddit, youtube, etc. to learn a bit more about whatever major you're interested in. I'd also recommend checking out the livestreams we've had about Duke as I think some could be helpful: https://www.collegevine.com/livestreams/school/duke-university

Also tagging @AmandaMay in case she has more insight she can provide for you.


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