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is it okay if AOs find out that I'm profiting from one of my ECs?

I have a podcast which is doing pretty great. Recently I got a sponsorship and I accepted it. Also the podcast is related to one of my academic passions so I categorize it as a form of individual research. If AOs check out my podcast and find out that it's profitable, will it harm my profile since I call it a research? btw could u pls tell me if it's alright to categorize it as an individual research? thanks!


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3 years ago[edited]

Correct me if I'm wrong, but honestly I'm pretty confident to say that admission officers won't really mind. Besides, you can do whatever you want as long as you're passionate about it, and what matters is how you develop your skills and spend time to do things that just simply matter to you. If you're gaining profit from it, consider it a token that you receive for the effort that you put into it.

Furthermore, I believe if you're gaining information from different people, that's more of like a 'data gathering' which is you know, a component of research. In addition to that, there's this thing called Research Podcast, so check it out and see if it matches what you are doing. If it does, then feel free to categorize it as an individual research (or also independent research). It's your application, so feel free to elaborate the activities that you do in anyway you want!

Always remember, the admission process is holistic, and things like that (which isn't even a bad thing) will not drastically harm your profile. Good luck!

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