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Do you have any idea what the structure of the design looks like or what it looks like for admission ?

I like biology , sports and drawing

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3 years ago[edited]

It's really a challenge to answer this question, but I'll try.

For impressions, it looks like you're a student athlete passionate in biology, and the arts. I believe you can portray a profile of a student athlete who's into interdisciplinary studies - and for me, that seems to be the best option given that you're into two academic areas that are traditionally separated.

Both science and arts attempt to express natural phenomena, and our humanness (if that's word). Biology, to be exact, can be used to talk about life - what it means to be a human being composed of cells? How do we function? How does our organ, and even brain function chemically to produce feelings? The same goes for arts. The arts can be used to represent how you feel, how the society as whole function, and even express what state of life we're currently at.

I was told back then that you can use drawing (the arts) to express your passion in Biology (the Science), like drawing scientific images and elements in order to convey scientific knowledge. This could be the best possible way to put it, unless you can provide additional information about your profile.

Overall, if you can highlight the middle ground between your drawing skills and passion in biology, the better it'll be. You can use the information I gave above to further explore interdisciplinary approach to both areas. Lastly, we could separate the fact that you're into sports. Let it be a hook that you can take advantage of.

Good luck, and I hope this helps!

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