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How likely is JMU to accept transfer students

Hey guys, I'm an upcoming college sophomore looking to transfer to a VA school either spring 21 or fall 22. I am currently a wv resident, and I've struggled a lot with issues at my current college this year, so I'm looking to get away from home, without being too far away. I have okay high school stats, and had straight As my second semester of uni, but my first semster was very rough (hence why I am transferring). I have been looing around at schools in VA, and I really like the sound of JMU, do you think they would accept me? Do they take more of my hs or college stats into consideration? If you need my stats to come up with an answer, just let me know, Also, if JMU seems like a stretch what are some good transfer schools in VA?

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Transfering to James Madison University is fairly simple. You just need a minimum of a 2.0 GPA from your other college and no test scores but they will want both your high school transcript and college one. Recommendations are not required but if you write an optional essay that might be very helpful.

The transfer admits rate is 74% so 3 out of 4 transfer applicants get in. Those are some really good odds in my opinion.


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