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Does anyone like this essay idea?

I was thinking about writing about how living in a household with someone that has served in the Air Force for twenty years has affected me as a person and how it has shaped me to be a very responsible, respectful kid.


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3 months ago[edited]

It really depends on what the prompt is asking.

If the prompt is open-ended and allows you to talk about this experience then I would say go for it BUT be careful when talking about other people and remember the essay is about YOU and not the person who served in the Air Force.

I would also advise you to somehow connect this experience and the things it's taught you to your future career or goals. This shows trajectory and convinces the readers why this experience is significant enough to write about.

Good Luck!

3 months ago


I have not yet written college essays, so I am probably not the person to answer your question, but as someone who read through some college essays, I think any topic is fine as long as you are good. I know it sounds very broad and hard and I also need to write essays, and I can't think of an appropriate topic, but I really think that a topic could be really weird, but if you have a good writing skill and write with insight, it will be good.

I can't really say much without reading your actual essay since, like I said, some people write really common topics and the essay turns out so good. I don't even know how that is possible.

If those students asked me. 'Hey, I am thinking of a topic about overcoming struggles (insert a more specific example like you just did). What do you think?' I could say, 'It seems a little too common and over-used by many students all over the world. Why not try something different?' Let's say, though, that the student did not take my advice and continued writing that topic and I read it. It could be really good.

Also, I agree with the advice that you should write an essay about you and not another person's accomplishments.

I hope it helps.

3 months ago

So I say this is either a go big or go home type of essay. That may be really good or really bad. Assuming you do the typical things and have good writing and have it be about yourself then it’s pitfalls are Air Force is cool but how does it seperate you from all other kids with vet parents. Also there’s a very good shot your first few drafts will not be able to establish the so called link chain. You need to show (not tell) that vet family members demonstrated how to be a better person and that let you do insert ancedote that show cases you not someone else.

Aditionally you need to be extra cautious that you have it be you-centric and not be a essay about how great the AF is and show your growth as an individual.

It’s benefits are it’s a unique essay and it has good potential to showcase you as an individual if done right. You also can likely get a

Also if you are applying to a military academy or one with a military history or a fairly religious (usually are more conservative as well) you may get a bump as they may relate to you more. These include ND BYU TAMU among others.

Also try the peer essay review to get good feedback on your drafts.

Hope this helps and feel free to comment if you’s like clarification as I’d be more than happy to help!


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