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Ask about admission Requirements University in America

Hello everyone

My name's Matthew

I'm from Indonesia.

I want ask something, about requirements of admission university in America (USA).

i has already search in Google and Youtube about requirements, but no one can give me an Accurate answer.

My question is:

" Did university in USA admit student from Vocational Graduates School Background? "

Although, giving an transcript, SAT, TOEFL/IELTS, GPA, or something else to accomplish the requirements?

I hope can get an answer from all of you



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6 months ago

Hi Matthew, I hope I can help answer your question but I want to clarify what you're asking. Are you wondering if colleges in the US accept students who have gone to vocational school? If so the answer is yes, colleges definitely accept students who have attended vocational schools.

What the school will require from you will depend on where you decide to go but you will most likely need to give them your transcript and gpa (which should be on your transcript) and it's possible you will need to take the TOEFL/IELTS but that will be school dependent. For the SAT you might need to take it but many schools are SAT optional right now - it's best to check what each school wants specifically.


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