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How do I study or take an ap course if my school doesn’t offer it

My school only offers 13 ap classes how many of them should I take I think 9 would be good but the aps they offer aren’t stats Econ euro etc so how do I study for those or take that course and if I self study do I get credit


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5 months ago

You can self-study by buying all sorts of books available on Amazon or you can take an online course on the subject.

One great resource is EDX.org which is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)

I immediately found AP Stats and AP MicroEcon on EDX. They are Free.

I also found lots of downloadable course material on CollegeBoard for AP Euro Hist.

Also, the University of California has something called the Scout program which are online college prep courses like APs. There you can register for Online AP EuroHistory. These are not free courses and cost $399. I also found a great online resource for AP Euro called Sargenotes.com

Good luck






Whenever you self-study anything you do not get High School credit. However, if you were to pay for the UC Scout course which is run by professional teachers and administrators, you do get HS Credit for the APs you take.

The last point I wanted to make is that alternatively there are plenty of online High Schools that offer AP courses like these. You would have to register with those high schools and often it's more complicated because they want registration fees, this fee, and that fee and your AP class end up costing a couple of thousand dollars per course. Sometimes you have to register and pay for a full semester of online access and that could cost up to $5,000 or more but you will receive credit for passing grades.

Good luck

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I took two online AP courses last academic year because my school did not offer those courses. It was because the school couldn't find the appropriate teachers in time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I think the best way is to ask your teachers or a school counselor. By looking through the internet, you might find some, but you also don't know whether they are reliable or not. When you self-study without going through a proper online course, you do not get a credit. Also, even if you take an online course, you do not get a credit, unless the school allows it, I think. You can take the AP exam and only get the credit for the AP exam (a score), but the course is probably not in your GPA or transcript.

I hope this helps.

5 months ago

You can look at your local community college and see if they offer those courses as dual-enrollment. It will count towards your high school transcript and also make your college application look better because you're broadening your searches and showing initiative.

5 months ago

You can actually take the AP exam without the class!

Check out CB's website for more information:


Though I have to warn you, if you don't have the perseverance to actually study for the test then it will be very hard to get a 4 or above for a self-studied test.


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