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Investment Banking Olympics and Summer Schools

Whats up! I'd like to know if an Investment Banking medal/honor mention would be interest for my application, since I'm planning to attend a Finance major! It is "The First Investment Banking Competition in Brazil". About 3000 high school students around the country took it.

Also, as an international student, should I try to attend a Summer School abroad or stay here in my country and put effort in a Internship?

Harvard Summer school is good or it is just for those who can pay the full tuition?

NYU has a more affordable one, but if I go, it will be worth it in the future?


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You are asking four questions so in the future just ask 1 question. I'll try to answer all of them.

1.) Yes, any kind of honor/medal looks good on your application under the honors section. Mention how many people entered the competition and what exact place you won.

2.) During your break time which is Winter in Brazil, you should focus on whatever you feel is the weakest thing on your application. If it is SAT or ACT testing, then work on that. If you are missing some key Extracurriculars, then work on that. If if you haven't scored 105 or 7.5 on TOEFL/IELTS, you might want to get that out of the way.

3.) Harvard Summer school is more of a loss leader in the marketing category of higher education. It is not very competitive to get in and you don't receive very many credits for attending. I'm not sure you get any credits for $3200 for the 2-week program and maybe 1 or 2 for their $6800 online program. Due to COVID-19, Harvard canceled their on-campus programs. Contrary to what people think, attending one of these programs doesn't improve your chances of getting into Harvard. Actually, Harvard doesn't factor "shown evidence of interest" in their school admissions process, so it just might make you or your parents feel better.

4.) NYC Summer Program is set up the same way as Harvards and it is on a sliding costs scale depending on how many credits you want to take.

Credits/Base Cost/Fees/Total Cost

2 $3,074 $578 $3,652

3 $4,611 $649 $5,260

4 $6,148 $720 $6,868

5 $7,685 $791 $8,476

6 $9,222 $862 $10,084

7 $10,759 $933 $11,692

8 $12,296 $1,004 $13,300

The NYU program doesn't include airfare, room, and board either so it will quite expensive almost as must as starting college early.

The last point I would like to make is that Harvard doesn't have an undergraduate program in Business and you can not major in Finance. The only IVY or Elite colleges that offer a Finance major would be NYU, Cornell, MIT, UPenn (Wharton). UVA, UNC, UC Berkeley, Michigan, Carnegie Mellon, Georgetown, Emory, USC , UT-Austin are also excellent choices.


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