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liberal art majors at Duke

how are liberal arts majors at Duke? (like sociology, religious studies, and other humanities)


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5 months ago[edited]

Duke is ranked #12th and their liberal arts programs all fall in line. Just a quick view into Niche and CV rankings shows that their liberal arts majors are highly coveted. They are ranked #8 in the country for Education, Philosophy, Performing Arts, Chemistry #7 for Psychology, #4th for Economics, #2 for Political Science, #19 for History, and #21 for English, #15 Sociology. Although they are highly ranked for religious studies I think it is a very unpopular major. The least popular undergraduate majors are the following:

Nat Resources/Conservation - 1.91%

Ethnic/Gender Studies -1.19%

Communication - 0.04%

Education and English, both - 1.96%

Interdisciplinary Studies - 0.30%

Philosophy and Religion - 1.17%

Visual performing arts - 2%

Hope that is helpful


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