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What are good STEM or MEDICAL extracurriculars?


I am a rising sophomore in high school and I want to add a little spice to my resume. I love physics and I also have a fascination for biology, with that it has been difficult to find activities related to what I like. My dream school is MIT, and from the several posts I have read, I've learned that they are just looking for people who pursue their passions, but I can't find that one thing I am passionate about. Besides that, here is what I can talk about on my application :

Indian classical music (12 years)

Volunteer at a dog shelter (I am in the process of raising funds for them)

Art enthusiast- I love to combine my creativity with small arduino robots

I have good grades (they can be better I still have 10th grade to work on them for my boards)

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@stacy3 years ago

My cousin recently graduated from the University of California, Irvine Division of Continuing Education and was very pleased with the knowledge she received.

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3 years ago[edited]

Hey! It seems you have some good ecs going on for you right now. Keep those up, you're doing great!

As for STEM/medical ecs, it depends on your location. If you are in the US (I am assuming you are) there's a bunch:

Science Olympiad -

A competition where teams of 15 students compete in 23 different science-related events ranging from Biology to Engineering; you can literally find anything here. The events are usually paper-based test events, with some lab events and a few building events where you build prototypes before the competition and keep testing/refining them to get the best score at the competition. These tend to be the more engineering-oriented events - model airplanes, physical structures, etc. If your school does not have a Science Olympiad club or team, that would make an excellent leadership opportunity for you too!

Then you also have all of the Olympiads (these are different from Scioly and just rounds of tests, like Math League, AMC, etc.):

Biology Olympiad

Physics Olympiad

Chemistry Olympiad

Linguistics Olympiad

Coding Olympiad

..... and the list continues. You can look these up for more, but these are the ones I remember from the top of my head (there are a lot of them!). If you do well in the rounds of tests, you may even make it onto the USA team and compete internationally :0

For medical-related ecs, you can do HOSA (I forgot the acronym but you can look it up for more info). Again, if your school does not have a HOSA club, this would be a great leadership opportunity for you too!

There is also Neuroscience Bee. Not entirely sure how it works, but this could be worth a Google too.

I hope this helps you and good luck!

3 years ago

I agree with what @Shr3D said. Those clubs are great choices for your interests.

One club I joined that I think helped me with my medical interest was HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America). For me, this helped me learn about different topics in the medical field, from to different pathways to different cases you may see in the hospital. I think it was really interesting and if you have the interest in the medical field it is really fun to join. Also for this club, you able to go to different conferences and compete with other schools. Check out the website for more information here: https://hosa.org/

If you school does not have this club, maybe try to see if others would be interested in it and ask counselor or teachers would sponsor it. Here are more instructions if you want to start it at your school: https://hosa.org/sites/default/files/Establishing%20a%20HOSA%20Chapter%2011-2014.pdf

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