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Passion project/any way to show my interest in digital art?

I was interested in digital art since elementary school, and I'm still very passionate about it. I want to show it in my college essays but I don't have any evidence (winning competitions, portfolio, clubs, etc) As a rising senior I think it's a bit too late to start a club or anything.. is there a short-term thing to prove that I'm interested in digital art? I'm working on a digital art competition right now btw. does making an instagram account and getting a lot of followers seem like a good idea?

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The evidence that you passionate about digital art needs to come from your portfolio of artwork, not through winning competitions or clubs, or other venues. If you truly are in love with creating digital art then you would have examples of digital art you can showcase in an art portfolio.

I don't know what kind of colleges you are applying to but if you are applying to Art Schools or Art Departments within colleges or universities, I'm certain that they would like to see an art portfolio.

One of the best ways to showcase your artwork is to create a locker on the Coalition App which is an alternative application portal to the Common App. On the Coalition app, you can upload .pdfs, video clips, links to websites, and other files like .jpegs, .pngs, GIFs, etc, and give access to the colleges that are reviewing your application. This greatly benefits those who have lots of artwork because sometimes the college's portfolio requirements are strict, rigid, and limited in scope. For example, they might ask for 2 pieces of pencil drawings, 2 paintings, 2 mixed media, etc. This way regardless of submitting a portfolio, your full body of digital artwork can be shown off.

Lastly, don't confuse popularity with the quality of your art. You can have 100,000 Insta followers but nothing beautiful to show. The people reviewing your artwork will judge it on its own merits, not because someone has clicked a "like" button.

Hope that is useful and helpful.

Good luck

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