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SAT Grade Level Change


I took the SAT last October 2020. Recently, my mom reminded me of a problem that had not occurred to me until today. When I took the SAT, I accidentally registered that I was a 12th grader, instead of an 11th grader. I did not know that happened, until I got the score report two weeks after taking the SAT. I think it was because when I registered for the SAT, it asked for my grade in June 2020, but I reported it as 11th grade, not 10th grade, because my school ends in May, instead of June.

I know you guys probably don't know anyone in Collegeboard, but I was just wondering, as Collegeboard takes these things seriously, such as name changes and ID pictures, and such, is this a really big deal?

I know that I should probably change it just in case, but I sent an email and they have not answered for 2 days and I will be honest. I am worried. It was just an accident and personally, I believe it was a realistic/reasonable accident because I come from a non-English speaking background, so I couldn't get help straightaway from my parent or a school counselor when I was registering for the SAT. I remember I was confused whether to say I am in 11th grade or 10th grade at the time of registration. My other scores, such as SAT II, are reported correctly.

@frank2 years ago

hi,same things happen to me this time i know this post is year ago, so i just want to ask what happen at end? did the college board help you fix it?

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3 years ago

You did the right thing by contacting CollegeBoard to correct the grade level. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it very much. By the way in your opening sentence, you wrote "I took the SAT last October 2021", you meant October 2020. You have a thing with wrong dates and grades BTW. LOL.

If Collegeboard doesn't change this by the time you apply then, just mention it in the add'l information section of the application. I don't think they care about that but more about how many times you took it, what your scores were, and if there was an improvement from one test to the last one.

Also, it wouldn't hurt to inform your HS college counselor about this because she'd the person who has to update your test data info on Naviance (if your school uses that) or send your transcripts to the colleges you are applying to.

Good luck

3 years ago

If you can't reach them through email, try DMimg them on Insta, they respond there too

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