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I am a junior right now and an international student. In my country, we are promoted to a "Junior College" once we pass our 10th-grade board exams. My junior college is mainly an entrance exam prep college. Hence, our teachers only teach us. They don't know us personally. Communication becomes much more difficult since our classes are virtual. How do I ask for a letter of recommendation in this case? Is there an alternative way of doing this?


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6 months ago

I would explain this in the add'l information section of the common application when you apply to colleges. In the meantime, it seems that you have a personal connection with some of your 9th or 10th-grade teachers, so I would ask for recommendations from your 2 to 3 best teachers that know you and can advocate for you.

The whole point of recommendation is to have someone in academia vouch for your intellect and participation in class as well as your desire to learn and continue being an inquisitive person. If your 11/12th-grade teachers can not do this job because they don't know you personally, then find other teachers that know you.

Good luck.


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