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When should i give SAT and ACT exam ?

Grade- 11

Stream- Humanities


@CameronBameron3 years ago

In the future just ask your question 1 time, not multiple times.

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3 years ago


I took the SAT in my 11th grade year. I think you should have prepared for it at least a year ago. Since you are already in 11th grade, it really has to do with whether you took the practice tests and you know if you are prepared or not. If prepared (near your target score), try the real SAT or ACT before something happens (COVID-19 pandemic could get worse and the test centers might close).

The main factors are what your target score is, whether you are near your target score, what the COVID-19 situation is like in your country (I know that India is struggling a little bit, but I am not sure where you live in India, so I can't say), where your target school is, whether your target school requires the SAT or ACT, and how many times you can afford to take the SAT or ACT.

Don't wait until too late, though. I took the SAT earlier than most of my classmates and they told me that they were struggling trying to keep up with both the school work and the SAT.

I hope this helps.

3 years ago

Most serious students in the US, take either the SAT or ACT during 11th grade. At the beginning of 11th grade, depending on where you live in the US, your school either gives you a PSAT or a PRE-ACT test to take sometime around the beginning of October. The PSAT test is important for scholarships because if you score in the 99% percentile you get to either a Commended Merit Scholars status or move on to the final round as a Semi-finalist Merit Scholar.

By the time most high achieving HS have finished 11th grade, they will have taken the real SAT or real ACT at least 1 time. There are exceptions, and some kids take them during 10th grade to get it out of the way.

Good Luck

3 years ago[edited]

Contrary to what most guides say, I would recommend taking the SAT/ACT ASAP, preferably in the last few months of 10th grade and the first few months of 11th grade (really, anytime from late 10th grade to before 11th grade summer).

Why? That way you keep your senior year free and don’t have to worry about studying and prepping for a test on top of maintaining your grades and completing college applications. The summer between 10th and 11th is a very valuable time, especially for studying for the SAT/ACT.

While I know you didn’t ask about this, you only really need to take one test. Don’t be like me and take both just because your parents told you to. Either is considered the same, except that a 1600 SAT > 36 ACT, though I doubt this is going to be a reality for most people (unless you’re in the top ~0.1%).

Take a practice test for both and compare your experiences with them. Then choose the test you feel most comfortable, confident — whatever it is you value in a test that could drive your undergraduate future.

Hope this helps!

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