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Should I mention an activity in my EC list which is still not complete?

Me and few of my High School friends are writing a non-traditional (experimental) book about RWM(Real World Math) for primary and middle school children. It is not complete and I don't expect to complete it in the next year as well (We HAVE begun writing it and have some content in place but nowhere near the finish line). Since I'm aiming for a Tech-Education spike (I already have tons of ECs related to education), I think this activity would be a good addition to that. My main concern is that it is not finished yet.

Should I include this activity in the EC list or should I just mention it in the Additional Info section?


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4 months ago

Hi, thank you for asking your question! Even if your EC is not complete I would recommend including this really cool and niche activity in your application. In the activities detail section, just include that this is a work in progress but also try to quantify what kind of traction you have so far (i.e. funding amount, pages written, number of collaborators, etc.). This will help build the impressiveness of the activity. The impressiveness of an activity, if thought of as an equation, is generally the time commitment (hr/wk/yr) + uniqueness (how rare is this for high school students to do) + level of accomplishments (honors/awards from the activity).

This book writing is definitely going towards the direction of your education-related spike. Keep it up! Best of luck.

4 months ago[edited]

I believe as long as you note in your application that your book is a work in progress, you should be fine.


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