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I am currently taking the summer immersion classes at Columbia University. The class does not offer academic credit, instead, it gives us a certificate of completion + professor evaluation letter. My question is: where exactly should I mention this class/program on my college applications?


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3 months ago

This is a tricky one because, unlike the NYU or Stanford courses where you can earn up to 8 college credits and it takes 7 weeks, the Columbia ones are non-credit and as short as 1 week.

If you took the 1-week course versus the 3-week course, then I would ask my HS Counselor if this really should be in your Coursework because a.) the duration is so short like a workshop, and b.) you didn't get any college credit. He or she can better advise you on how to treat this.

If you get the green light, then in the Common App click the Education section tab and then click the tab Colleges and Universities. Here you will fill out some questions.

1. If you have ever taken coursework at a college or university, please indicate the number of colleges.

2. Course details

Dual enrollment with high school

Summer program (CHECK THIS BOX)

Credit awarded directly by college

3. Enter the Date starting and Date end.

And if this course had a particular subject, you would put that information under the Tab.


Course Title - "Intro to NeuroScience, understanding the Brain"

Type - College Prep

Good Luck.


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